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Account Analysis Services
Pacific Enterprise Bank’s Account Analysis Service gives you a monthly consolidated report that summarizes all activity on your demand deposit accounts. This report includes detailed balance information, itemization and total costs for any services provided by Pacific Enterprise Bank. This allows you to see if your company's balances are covering the cost of your services, and adjust as needed. Your competitive earnings’ credit rate on collected balances helps compensate for services used by your company.


Business Analysis Account
Our Business Analysis Account is designed for companies with a high volume of account activity or special service needs.  An earnings credit based on your collected balances offsets monthly service charges. There is a $2,500 minimum opening deposit for this account. A monthly maintenance fee of $25* is imposed each statement cycle.

Business Analysis Accounts with investable balances receive an Earnings Credit that may be used to offset the monthly maintenance and activity fees as well as certain other miscellaneous fees.

* Additional disclosures will be provided at account opening.


Zero Balance Accounts
Our Zero Balance Account helps simplify fund consolidation and eliminate manual fund transfers. With this account, incoming deposits are immediately moved to the concentration account that you designate. For outgoing disbursements, either paper or electronic, funds needed will be pulled from the account you’ve designated.  

Benefits include:
No need to manually transfer funds between accounts to cover cash flow requirements, reduce idle balances by consolidating deposits to a concentration account that you designate, and reduce the risk of overdraft through automatic transfers from the concentration account to disbursement accounts.


For Inquiries:
Universal Banking Team

Phone: (949) 623-7600

*Additional disclosures will be provided upon account opening.

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