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ACH Origination

ACH processing allows your company to take advantage of the speed, accuracy and efficiency of electronic payments and collections. Save money on check processing and payroll to simplify your busy schedule, contact us for details.


  • Reduces the need to place stop payments or reissue checks by reducing exposure to check fraud
  • Improves cash flow and forecasting by collecting payments more quickly
  • Provides an audit trail of payments
  • We also offer pre-funded transactions


  • ACH Credit
    • Electronically disburse payments to consumer and corporate customers and suppliers
  • ACH Payroll Direct Deposit
    • Electronically credit an employee’s checking or savings account
  • ACH Debit
    • Collect payments electronically from consumer and corporate accounts
    • Provide more accurate and timely collection of payments


For Inquiries:
Craig Bohi 

Phone: (949) 623-7607


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